lansing state journal.

I was a Digital Producer for the Lansing State Journal from 2017-2018. My role included managing the website, social media, and analytics, as well as writing stories on the fly, copy editing digital and proofing print pages, and creating multimedia content like photo galleries and videos. Here are a few stories I wrote for theContinue reading “lansing state journal.”

the chicago tribune.

I only had one article byline at the Tribune, but I’m really proud of this personal essay. I experienced some horrible online trolling for simply talking about STIs. And once I opened up about having herpes, I was called awful names and told to kill myself. I refuse to let negativity control my life, so I wroteContinue reading “the chicago tribune.”

the daily nebraskan.

 I worked as the health and housing beat reporter for the Daily Nebraskan during my time at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. I went to weekly residence hall meetings and frequented the campus clinic. Both the Affordable Care Act rollout and the 2013 government shutdown happened during my time as a reporter, so I wrote quite aContinue reading “the daily nebraskan.”

harsh treatment: a chicago tribune investigative project.

Harsh Treatment Project: “Residential treatment centers are supposed to provide a safe, healing environment for young state wards and disadvantaged children. But a Chicago Tribune investigation finds many are harmed instead.” I worked on the Chicago Tribune’s Harsh Treatment project in 2014. To plan the social media strategy that would give credit to this years-longContinue reading “harsh treatment: a chicago tribune investigative project.”

live coverage.

Social media is all about experiencing life and emotions with others, and live coverage is the best way to accomplish that. livestreaming Lansing State JournalDuring my time at the LSJ, Larry Nassar’s sentencing happened in Lansing. I livestreamed a few videos during that time, including a lively Michigan State University Board of Trustees meeting andContinue reading “live coverage.”

chicago tribune social.

During my time at the Chicago Tribune, I was able to put some time into social media platforms. Here are a few I worked on: tumblr My first big assignment was creating a Tumblr for the Tribune. Since its beginning in June 2014, it’s been wildly successful. We gained more than 10,000 followers within the firstContinue reading “chicago tribune social.”

how live video is useful for journalists.

(This was written in 2015.) Trends within social media are nothing new, and journalists usually wonder whether it’s worth it to jump on the bandwagon. A few months into 2015, live streaming became extremely popular with the help of Twitter. Now anyone with an iPhone can become a broadcast reporter. Periscope is owned by Twitter and connectsContinue reading “how live video is useful for journalists.”