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2 thoughts on “contact.

  1. read your writing on having herpes. What disturbs me most is that you shared this very personal, private and medical/health item with anyone outside of your close family and friends. Any negative feedback you received was due to your decision to share this with the world. Please – you are a smart woman. Do not share these most private things with those you do not know – they do not care about you.
    Sad that you exposed yourself without any reason to do so. Sharing everything – not necessary. You are worth more than that………

    • I am worth more than judgmental comments from strangers, and that includes yours.

      I shared my personal story because people were hating on me for simply talking about STIs. I hadn’t even mentioned that I had one when people called me a whore and told me I should die. It was then that I realized I *should* tell my story.

      I am worth a lot, and so are other people who are dealing with herpes. That’s why I told my story. I wanted to share my experiences to help others who are in the same boat.

      I chose to share my personal life. And you can chose not to read it.

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