Harsh Treatment: a Chicago Tribune investigative project

  Harsh Treatment: “Residential treatment centers are supposed to provide a safe, healing environment for young state wards and disadvantaged children. But a Chicago Tribune investigation finds many are harmed instead.” I worked on the Chicago Tribune’s Harsh Treatment project in 2014. To plan the social media strategy that would give credit to this years-longContinue reading “Harsh Treatment: a Chicago Tribune investigative project”

live tweeting.

Social media is all about experiencing life and emotions with others, and live tweeting is the ultimate way to do this in real time. I live tweet personally and professionally, which means I cover everything — local marches, national conferences,  To capture these conversations, I curate my live-tweeting spurts into Twitter Moments. One of myContinue reading “live tweeting.”

How live video is useful for journalists.

Trends within social media are nothing new, and journalists usually wonder whether it’s worth it to jump on the bandwagon. A few months into 2015, live streaming became extremely popular with the help of Twitter. Now anyone with an iPhone can become a broadcast reporter. Periscope is owned by Twitter and connects users with their followers. WhenContinue reading “How live video is useful for journalists.”