work samples: writing.

Lansing State Journal:

While looking in a community Facebook group, I noticed a post about how to help with the winter blues had a lot of engagement. I reached out to a few people in the group and did a bit of research to see what helps and why. The story was featured on the Detroit Free Press and USA Today websites.


The Chicago Tribune: 

I experienced some horrible online trolling for simply talking about STIs. I refuse to let negativity control my life, so I wrote my story. The Tribune published it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.48.35 AM

The Daily Nebraskan:

I worked as the health and housing beat reporter for two semesters during my time at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. I went to weekly residence hall meetings and frequented the campus clinic. Both the Affordable Care Act rollout and the 2013 government shutdown happened during my time as a reporter, so I wrote quite a bit about those events.

Here are some of my favorite stories (The headlines are linked):

  • The Affordable Care Act is a complicated piece of legislation, and many Nebraskans, especially students, weren’t sure what to expect. I explained in this front page story.


  •  The Centers for Disease Control were furloughed by the federal shutdown just as flu season started, so I talked to University Health Center officials about how it would affect flu shots.

flu shot


  •  I wrote about nine ways the government shutdown of 2013 affected students, including financial aid and G.I. Bill benefits.

9 ways

  • UNL’s Residence Hall Association donated $1,000 to an event that raised money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The event’s organizers were particularly moved by the decision.


  • The Great Plains Art Museum was renovated in hopes of attracting more visitors and is now showing off its new design.


  • As part of my health beat, I looked into electronic cigarettes. While they may be trendy in the United States, a 2013 French study claimed they aren’t as safe as people thought.


  • Don Wilhite, a climatologist and professor in University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Natural Resources, was named a fellow in the American Meteorological Society and asked to head committees for an international water program.


  •   Shirin Ebadi, the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize winner, came to my campus to talk about Iran, democracy and freedom of speech.


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